Once the oppressed, now the oppressor.From 1933 to 1945, they were a faction that was hunted and brutally murdered by Hitler and the Nazi Party.Now, they are the prosecutors. The killers. Cold-blooded murderers. Thousands of innocent Palestinian children, women and men stolen too soon from their families. Families displaced, hospitals bombed, churches bombed. Children crying, bloody and torn. Children in pieces until all that remains are loose bones. Children without family. Without mothers. Without homes. Children, women and men who will have to live with the guilt of surviving each and every day whilst their brothers, sisters, neighbours and friends have been lost. People who have to sleep each night to the sound of genocide, not knowing if it will be their very last night. People who, ten years from now, will still hear the cries, the pleas, the bombings, the guns.

And what does the world do about it? They bury the pain, the suffering, the genocide, with fake news.Now, when the Holocaust is taught in schools and a child tells me that they applaud Hitler, what do I say? When a child tells me that they lost a family member, a friend, a teacher, under the Israelis and they can no longer see the difference between what happened in 1933 and what’s happening in 2023, what do I respond?Note: We thank the Jewish community who are against this oppression, are aware of their past and are disgraced to see that they have become the oppressor. We thank you for protesting against the bloodshed along with us.

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