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Trembling Hands

‘Trembling Hands’ is a rhyming book designed to help parents, teachers, and carers to open up conversations with children about anxiety and the overwhelming feeling of fear that they may feel. ‘Helping Hands’ helps start the conversation enthusiastically and engagingly about what we can do as a collective to manage our emotions.

Also included are further teamwork activities that you can complete with your child/ren or class.

Itsy Bitsy and her Colourful House

Itsy Bitsy lives in a house that is decorated in the colours of the rainbow. She has an indigo table, yellow walls, a red bed, violet bricks, and green and orange flowers in her garden. In fact, she has all the colours… except blue! Itsy Bitsy realises she needs to add some blue and so she sets to work painting her ugly brown fence a beautiful, bright blue. But painting is tiring work… she needs help!

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Rising Up